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Want to be in LLK? Well here's your chance!

Evvy posted this on the LLK board...

Yes, we will be opening up the mail box for replacement submissions..

We will be focusing on looking for a bass player at this moment. We do have interest from nationally established musicians, but would like to keep the door open for other road experienced talent. A great work ethic, ability to work as part of a team and good equipment is a must.

Acceptable submissions:
3 or 4 recordings showcasing your style and ability to maintain tempo. A mix of original and LLK songs are acceptable.

At the moment, submissions will be accepted via snail mail only and must be on audio cd. Please include a phone number, location, email adress and a list of your equipment. A photo of you is a plus.

Females are encouraged to submit.

Send submissions to:

Evvy Pedder
4715 Bennet Rd. #6
Toledo, OH 43612

We will try to reply to everyone, but if submissions become overwhelming we may only to able to reply to those who we are interested in.

Rock on...
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