Scream if you want to scream. (rabidrat) wrote in sugarx,
Scream if you want to scream.


Guess I can make it official and shit...LLK is dead.

I havent spoken with Gary in over 2 months and have pretty much given up on things as far as our future collaberations go.

We haven't been fighting or anything of the sort, we just kinda quit talking shortly after I moved to Cinci..
My last update from him was that he hasn't been interested in writing and was focusing on his home-life, his kids and school.
Which is cool. He's got a lot of responsibility as a parent of 3 and I don't blame him a bit.

Or it may quite possibly be that he just doesnt want to work with me anymore. Which is cool as well. 10 years is a long time to put up w/ my ADD ass and I wouldn't blame him for that either.

I'm currently spending my time (and money) learning how to utilize Protools and some other music producing software w/ the future goal of demo-ing out myself as an independant singer looking for work.

Maybe producing will become a part of my career as well, dunno. Either way, I know in my heart of hearts that music is my chosen career - thrive or fail.

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